Kevin Smith Talks the Batffleck Suit


We’ve already heard about how Zack Snyder revealed the Batffleck suit from Batman Vs Superman to Kevin Smith long before the monochrome pic we saw on Twitter. In a recent interview about his upcoming Batman 66 arc, Smith spilled about what he saw and why it’s different than we’ve seen before.

"All you have to do to see Ben in the costume is turn to the pages of Frank Miller’s seminal “Dark Knight Returns,” where Batman’s beating the s**t out of the Joker in the Tunnel of Love? That’s what the suit looks like.There’s a lot of people talking about how monochrome it was, saying, “Oh, it is like Christian Bale’s because it’s all one color. That’s not the case. Look, Zack put up a monochrome picture. It’s a black and white photo. I saw a lot of people on the Internet saying, “It’s all one color, what’s the big deal?”Having seen the actually seen the original photo in color, not that one, but the first picture — like, when I saw that picture go online I had never seen it before, I said, “Oh, that’s bad-ass.” But I knew what it looked like because of a different picture he showed me, it was all in color, lit under studio lights. But you could see everything.So knowing that it’s color-coded correctly, some cats going, “I hear it’s blue,” I’d be all for that, but it’s not. The one I saw looks like in “Dark Knight Returns.” That’s why I hugged Zack Snyder, I was like, “Oh my god, dude, you gave me that suit — I’m gonna see that suit on screen before I die.” I know I live in the First World, so that’s a pretty low goal to have for a lot of people, but for me that was huge. I don’t live very healthy. I never thought I’d see that Batsuit on screen, and now we’ve seen the image of it."

I have to hand it to Snyder on this one. He didn’t over-think the Batsuit. It seems to be right off the page.

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