Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay Trailer

facebooktwitterreddit has posted the trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay. It looks really good, I gotta say, so check it out in the video below:

Here is what has to say about the game:

"Scarecrow returns to Gotham City with a scheme to unite the Rogues Gallery and destroy the Batman once and for all. As the citizens of Gotham flee and criminal gangs take control of the city, Batman evens the odds taking to the streets in the legendary Batmobile to ignite the fight that will decide the future of the city that he is sworn to protect."

Read the full Batman-News article, written by Chris Begley, here.

Wow does that look awesome or what?! I am so so excited for this game! I know we have mentioned it before but the new Batsuit looks so amazing. Gotham is looking great and I am looking forward to having the run of the whole place, in the Batmobile! I’m also looking forward to solving the mystery of who Arkham Knight is. I noticed that the Scarecrow’s voice sounded a lot deeper than normal, probably a trick done to induce more fear, though I think his normal voice is plenty creepy as is. Caped Crusades will keep you up to date on all news regarding Batman: Arkham Knight and all Batman news!

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