IGN Interviews Kevin Smith about Batman ’66/Green Hornet


Kevin Smith was recently in an interview with Joshua Yehl of IGN.com to talk about his Batman ’66/ Green Hornet comic. Caped Crusades has you covered, you can see the interview in the video below!

Its a great interview, that gives us some more detail about the Batman ’66/Green Hornet comic, of course without any spoilers, which I like because I don’t have to put a spoiler warning at the top of this article. Kevin Smith sings the praises of those he has worked with on the comic, most especially the cover artist Alex Ross and his co-author Ralph Garman. As you know I don’t read nearly as many comics as I would like to but this is going on the ever growing list I need to read.

Certainly Kevin Smith was right about the amazing cover art done for the comic, I’m thinking of getting a framed print of it to hang in my living room! As always Caped Crusades is where to look for all your Batman needs so remember to check back with us often!

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