Trust No One As Twist Follows Twist In Original Sin #4


As the summer heats up, so will Original Sin #4. After the shocking conclusion to Original Sin #3 (and you’ll have to take Marvel’s word for that, as it won’t be out for a few more weeks), a trail is leading directly to one prime suspect for the Watcher’s murder. But why does one get the feeling that it’s going to be like an episode of CSI, and that the clues won’t necessarily lead in the proper direction right away?

Writer Jason Aaron and artist Mike Deodato know, but they’re likely not telling. The only tidbits that have come out involve more bodies hitting the cosmic floor, and Dr. Strange and the Punisher going on a mission that could either spell salvation or doom for the entire Marvel Universe. Oh, and there’s an even bigger surprise ending awaiting us all.

That sounds pretty cool, even if it means waiting until the issue hits comic stores and digital on June 18. Until then, we’ll just have to make do with a couple of Deodato’s interior pages plus variant covers by Gabrielle Dell’Otto, Butch Guise and Art Adams. Those are good consolation prizes, but not as good as Original Sin itself!