X-Men’s Cyclops always saw himself as Spider-Man


Remember Cyclops, he was awesome in X-Men and X-Men 2 but was unceremoniously killed off in X-Men 3: The Last Stand. Because of that it’s unlikely that we’ll be seeing Cyclops again in an X-Man film. But who would James Marsden, the actor who perfectly embodied the optically gifted/cursed mutant, be if he could have a super-hero do-over?

Well, when asked which other mutant he would have been in the X-Men franchise by out.com Marsden responded with a rather surprising answer. “I always kind of thought of myself as more as a Spider-Man guy.” Now a lot of you will be screaming that Spider-Man isn’t a mutant, and isn’t part of the X-Men franchises, but in the comic-books the wallcrawler has worked very closely with the X-Men on several occasions.

It’s also surprising that with all of the cool mutants out there in the X-Men universe that Marsden wants to be everyone’s friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. However Marsden admits that his idea of portraying Spider-Man comes down to his physique being designed more for Peter Parker than Summers. Now that I think about it I must admit he kind of has a point!

Whilst earlier I said that it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing Marsden as Cyclops again, I may have said that with a slight knowing wink, as X-Men: Days of Future Past messes around with time itself so it’s possible that anything can happen. With that in mind Marsden adds ““My allegiance is with Scott. I’m proud to have been Scott Summers.” So hopefully we might get to see him again in the future!

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