Rumour going around that Marc Webb has been sacked.


Marc Webb has done a decent job with the first two Amazing Spider-Man films, he clearly knows and loves the subject matter and considering he’s only ever directed three movies I think they’re really quite awesome. However, a rumour has started on Reddit today suggesting that Webb won’t be making any more films for Sony, or any more Amazing Spider-Man films because he has been sacked. I know right, what?

Reddit user anindiansmile posted on Reddit that Marc Webb has been sacked, the post literally just says “Very sad, hope Edgar Wright replaces him”. So yeah, there’s no sources, no facts, no nothing. So obviously it’s a lie right, obviously it’s someone taking advantage of Edgar Wright leaving Marvel’s Antman film and trolling everyone who is a fan of Spider-Man. At least that’s what I thought until I read the comments.

Apparently Marc Webb posted his dismissal as director of the Amazing Spider-Man films on Twitter and then promptly deleted the tweet. Again though, he had no screen-caps or proof to back up his accusation. But, at least three other commentors have also claimed to have seen the tweet, with most admitting they didn’t take it seriously. So what the hell is going on? Has Marc Webb been sacked, did he make an ill-advised joke and then regret it, deleting it immediately? Did any of this actually happen?

I don’t think it did. There’s nothing at all on the internet in general about it and someone somewhere would have gotten a screen-grab of the tweet. So I’m going to chalk this down as a very silly attempt at trolling and move on with my life. I suggest you all do the same.

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