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Awesome fan-art picture showing Spider-Man unable to play with the Avengers


Mauricio Abril has posted a brilliant picture of Spider-Man on that accurately satirises the current situation with Marvel’s comic heroes being divided by different film studios owning different rights to different characters, as well as succesfully making everyone from the Avengers and Spider-Man look adorable.

There’s so much about this picture that I like. First of all the fact that the joyful play is happening next to a green screen is a massive nod to the CGI’d nature of superhero films. I also really like the characterisation of each Avenger, especially Loki pulling on Thor’s cape and the little cartoon Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson is superb. Also the fact that Hawkeye isn’t it it makes me more giggly than it should.

However it’s poor little broken-hearted Spider-Man being lead away from all of the fun by a stern man in a suit (obviouslly a visual  representative of Sony). Not only does this image recall fond memories of the Evian Spider-Man advert, but it really does accurately sum up fan frustrations that we can’t see Spider-Man taking his rightful place alongisde, Black Widow, Hulk, Iron-Man, Captain America and Thor (and Hawkeye.)

Credit & Copyright: Mauricio Abril (courtesy of

Abril talks about his inspiration for the gag illustration in the article, he says

"I came up with the idea for this gag illustration after watching The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on its opening weekend, but only just now got around to finishing it. It pretty much summarizes how I felt about the new franchise, the larger Marvel cinematic universe and the realities of binding contracts."

Abril kindly offers up a small explanation explaining what is actually going on in the picture, but to cut a long story short Sony own Spider-Man and Disney own the Avengers and consequently Spider-Man and the Avengers can’t be in the same film unless Sony and Disney come to a legal arrangement. His last paragraph is him lamenting that his timing might have been slightly off in posting the Fan-art,

"Seeing as how the internet moves on to the next hot topic while still chewing on the one it has, I wish I would’ve posted this before “ASM 2” came out, but as they say ‘better late than never.’ Who knows? Maybe someone will re-post this next year when the The Avengers: Age Of Ultron comes out."

but fear not Mauricio I have seen it and I have reposted it, and Amazing Spider-Man 2 is still out in cinemas and Avengers: Age of Ultron is still light-years away. (Well, months away, but it seems like a long time now.) To be honest it’s a really cool picture that amused me and infuriated me at the same time. I hope you guys enjoy it too. Check out Mauricio Abril’s MoviePilot page to see more fan-art from him if you want to! If not bye for now.

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