Miles Morales is joining the All-New X-Men ?


Miles Morales’ Spider-Man is from Marvel’s Ultimate universe and the All-New X-Men series is set in mainstream standard Marvel Universe with Peter Parker’s Spider-Man. However new teaser tweets from Brian Michael Bendis who writes for both All-New X-Men and Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man, as well as from All-New X-Men artist Sarah Pichelli suggest that the two universes could be colliding in a future issue.

This wouldn’t be the first time Marvel have run cross-universe stories, after all Spider-Man 2099 is currently running around in the standard and present day Marvel Universe and two more issues of Superior Spider-Man have been announced featuring Doctor Octopus’ Spider-Man running around in the 2099 universe. Not to mention the upcoming Spider-Verse comic storyline event that will see every Spider-Man from every universe appearing.

So, let’s look at the tweets tweeted by both Bendis and Pichelli, with both insisting that their content was very much real and not a joke, or fake. The tweets of course unveiling a special preview of the black and white cover for All-New X-Men #32 with Miles Morales smack-bang in the centre of it.

So, the image is there and definitely real according to the people that would know so what on earth will occur to land Miles Morales’ Ultimate Spider-Man in the same universe as the All-New X-Men? Especially when he’s currently galavanting around with the All-New Ultimates as well? How does he get in that universe, is he joining the X-Men, is he just visiting, perhaps this is something to do with the Spider-Verse? Also are those Doc Ocks’ arms at the bottom of the image there?

There is some speculation that instead of seeing the Ultimate Universe Miles Morales that we will instead see the regular 616 universe Miles Morales who has been confirmed to exist. However as CBR points out the suit in the art resembles the Ultimate Spider-suit quite closely, so you’d expect it to be a universe crossover storyline.

Big thanks to our sister site Bam Smack Pow for bringing the story to my attenion! Check them out for all things comic-book related. They’re pretty good.

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