New building design looks like it was made by Spider-Man


Is there anything Spider-Man can’t do? He’s super-strong, he can web-sling across New York, he’s a master of the witty one-liner, and he’s a pretty freaking good scientist. But it turns out that he’s also not a bad architect, or at least that’s what these building designs that seem to suggest. I mean Gizmodo themselves noticed the Spider-Man connection and to be honest it’s pretty hard to miss.

This is one of many architectural plans set to be unveiled at Expo Milan 2015, with this particular beauty being designed by Nemesi and Partners and it appears they’ve just finished binge watching the Spectacular Spider-Man animated series Blu-Ray and then watched the Amazing Spider-Man film a couple of times as their building looks like it’s covered in a cocoon of Spider-Man’s making.

Actually the ‘webbing’ is an 100,000 squre foot cement facade that gobbles up smog and purifies the air. So not only does it look awesome but it’s also super awesome for the environment with over 80% of it being made from recycled materials. The building, named the Palazzo Italia, also boasts a photovoltaic glass roof that produces solar energy when the sun’s out.

Pretty neat right!

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