Wait, Miles Morales Is Joining The All-New X-Men?


It seems like that would be difficult, seeing as Miles Morales currently resides in the Ultimate Universe and the All-New X-Men are in the mainstream Marvel U (called Earth-616 by everyone but Marvel). Also, the X-Men are mutants, and Morales is, well, not.

Still, the man who would know best, Brian Michael Bendis — writer of both All-New X-Men and Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider Man, not to mention the co-creator of Mr. Morales — said “this is real!” while posting this cover (by Morales’ other creator, Sarah Pichelli) to All-New X-Men #32 on his personal Tumblr:

Let the speculation begin! Of course just welcoming Miles to the X-Men doesn’t necessarily mean he’s joining the team, as interesting as that would be.  Unless my math is off, this particular issue should hit in October, which would be right before the Spider-Verse event kicks off that teams all of the many Spider-Men from various universes against the threat of Morlun. Maybe Miles crosses worlds early looking for help?

Another possibility raised by CBR is that this is the 616 Morales, who readers know exists but haven’t seen. That would seem like a bit of a cop-out if it ends up being the case, but it can’t be completely ruled out.

Say this about Bendis: he sure knows how to stir up a bit of comic-related intrigue going into a long holiday weekend! Keep an eye on our sister site, Whatever a Spider Can, as it will surely have more on this development going forward.


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