X-Men comic writer Chris Claremont talks Amazing Spider-Man 2


X-Men: Days of Future Past is out now and a lot of people are comparing it to Amazing Spider-Man 2, because they’re both superhero films that came out relatively close to each other, which is fair enough.  This is also why we’re getting X-Men comic book writers commenting on Amazing Spider-Man 2 because, despite having nothing to do with Spider-Man, naturally Chris Claremont would get asked about it, after all they’re both superhero films that have come out near each other.

At least that’s hat happened at the Motor City Comic Con where the writer’s panel of fans asked him all sorts of stuff about the X-Men movies, where he revealed he hasn’t seen Days of Future Past but thinks “My basic feeling is that is probably the richest, most talented, most ‘box-office-holy-cow-cast’ I have ever seen. You can take any two members of that cast and build an award-winning successful movie.” (And I agree) But we’re not here to talk about X-Men, we have a site for that already Bam Smack Pow, check it out for all your comic book needs!

Some of the X-Men, many of which Chris Claremont is responsible for creating

But what did Claremont have to say about Spider-Man? Well comicbook.com reports that Claremont said “The problem with superhero movies is you hope you get The Avengers, but sometimes the reality is you get Spidey 2.2. I call it Spidey 2.2 because if you call it Spider-Man 2 people go, ‘Wait, do you mean the Spider-Man with Alfred Molina because that one was really good, you know?’

He goes on to quite clearly suggest (without overtly stating outright) that Sam Raimi’s Spider-Men 2 is better than the Amazing Spider-Man franchise we have at the moment, “Yes, it was really good because it was directed by Sam Raimi who is really good. Sam foolishly had this attitude with Sony where he said ‘How about for the third movie we has LESS characters!’ and Sony was like ‘Nooo! We want more characters! 3 characters in the third, 4 in the fourth  and 5 in the fifth.’ Well, oddly enough, this is the fifth movie and what do we have? Sinster Six! Yes, six characters cause they can’t count. I’m making fun of Spidey because I can and because the X-Men movie hasn’t come out yet!”.

It really looks like Claremont is bitter about Raimi’s run being cut short and with Sony’s approach to Spider-Man in particular. Although I find it weird that the creator of the biggest ensemble superhero comic out there that focuses on the lives of many, many characters is against there being more characters in a film. Surely he should know more than anyone that the nuber of characters/villains doesn’t matter as long as the writing and the storyline is good.

For the full interview with Chris Claremont head here. And for all your comic book needs check out Bam Smack Pow.

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