Amazing Find: Amazing Spider-Man #31


Here is the comic I found!

I have been collecting Spider-Man comics for over 25 years now. Anytime I go on a trip I must hit the comic shops in that area, or at least a flea market because you never know what you are going to find. You hear stories of people finding amazing issues for a dollar. This past Sunday was one of those days.

The Swap Shop in Sunrise, FL has been really good to me in the past when it comes to finding Spider-Man comics. Of my 1000 plus issues of Spider-Man at least 50% have come from this place.  I’ve picked up Ultimate Spider-Man #1 for 2 dollars, and I’ve gotten most of my 90’s issues here for anywhere between .25-$1. This past Sunday was a great find.

The day started out very boring. I found nothing but 90’s Web, Amazing, Spectacular, and one shots that I already have. Then I got to the sellers who think they can charge retail price at a flea market. Don’t get me wrong, it’s their right to sell their items for whatever they want; I just won’t pay $20 for an issue I don’t have at a flea market. I also didn’t find anything super rare at these sellers, of them were in the 100’s issues of Amazing. The day seemed like a total loss in the comic aspect. That was until I came upon a man with nothing but boxes filled with random items.

I looked at some of the boxes thinking I would find video games, toys, and maybe some sport memorabilia. There was nothing really exciting. That was until I removed a toddler’s basketball basket. Underneath that toy was a comic book, a Spider-Man comic book. It wasn’t anything special, Amazing Spider-Man issue 200 something that I already had. I kept looking in the box and I found an X-Man and Batman comic, and then there was an issue at the bottom of the box that was buried gold. It was Amazing Spider-Man #31!

Issue #31 is the first appearance of Gwen Stacey and Harry Osborn. It also had a very minor appearance from Professor Miles Warren (who would later become the Jackal). Two things ran through my mind at this moment, 1) As big as a Gwen Stacey fan that I am how did I not have this comic already in my collection; and 2) Oh man I must have this comic! This comic came out in December of 1965, now making it the oldest comic in my Spider-Man collection. In its worst condition this comic could sell for $5, but this one was in great condition. It had no tears, no bends, the cover was fully intact, all the pages were present, and the color was still bright. It was time to talk to the seller to see if I can get this comic into my collection.

I walked up to the seller and asked him how much he wanted for this comic. He looked at the comic, then at me, and said “A dollar”. WAIT, WHAT?! “Give me a dollar and it’s yours.” My hand went into my pocket so fast to pull out that dollar and handed it the gentleman. I said thanks and was on my way. I just got my hands on the first appearance of Gwen Stacey for a dollar and it was a great copy at that! What a find!

Tell us about your great finds in the comments below. Join me next time as I continue my comic hunts to complete my Amazing Spider-Man collection. Who knows what other great treasures I will find.

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