IGN.com ranking all Batman films from worst to best..."/> IGN.com ranking all Batman films from worst to best..."/>

IGN Rates the Batman Films From Worst to Best


Greetings Caped Crusades readers! Today we bring you a video from IGN.com ranking all Batman films from worst to best. Here’s a blurb from the article that accompanied the video on IGN’s website:

"Everybody loves Batman. With Batman celebrating his 75th birthday this year along with Ben Affleck’s Bat-suit and Batmobile being revealed this week, we thought there would be no better time than to reflect on the Dark Knight’s big screen adventures.He’s had a wide variety of theatrically-released adventures going back all the way to 1966 – some of them better than others – and during that time Batman has proved to be a Hollywood constant that can bounce back from anything, be it the breaking of his back or rubber nipples."

See the original post with article written by Cliff Wheatley, here. I agreed with a lot of IGN’s ranking choices, numbers nine, eight, and seven for sure but I’m iffy on the placement of The Dark Knight Rises. I personally think that Batman was a better movie than Batman Returns, so that’s four and five switched around for me. I also  grew up watching Batman and the Mask of the Phantasm over and over and so would have ranked it as better than Batman Begins. Of course The Dark Knight was made the best Batman film we have ever seen thanks to Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker.

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