Tom Hiddleston pretends to be Spider-Man


Tom Hiddleston is somewhere near the top of the hysterical reactions to actor list alongside Benedict Cumberbatch and countless others. His role as Loki as elevated him beyond the realms of a normal celebrity, and his scene-stealing performances have set him up almost as a cult idol. This is also because not only is he a great actor, but in real-life he comes across as a genuinely charming, polite and friendly fellow.

As most recently evidenced by Tom giving a surprise performance as everybodheyy’s favourite neighbourhood friendly Spider-Man, which was filmed and posted by YouTube user BananammickTime. The clip shows Tom chatting and taking pictures with his fans in Toronto on the set of his latest film ‘Crimson Peak’. He is then accosted by a violent and out-of-control youth (or cute and adorable young Spider-Man fan … it’s your choice), who keeps trying to shoot webbing at him in the traditional Spider-Man way, but Tom’s reaction proves why everyone who thinks he’s the bees knees might be right. Check it out

Quite why the young-would-be Spider-Man was only interested in webbing Tom Hiddleston when the actor and the superhero films he’s been in have nothing to with Spider-Man, at least in a cinematic sense, is beyond me. But Tom’s quick-thinking reaction to web the young kid back is priceless and also a class-act move. Well done all involved!

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