Bizarre Batman Story of the Week: Batman the Baby Camel!


Well Readers we’ve found you another bizarre Batman Story to share with you! This story while odd is also very cute, its the story of Batman the baby camel who was on an episode of the Discovery Channel’s show Dirty Jobs, Exotic Nanny!

Batman the camel lives on an exotic animal ranch, hence the name of the episode Exotic Nanny. Unfortunately the above video does not give us the back story, how this baby camel came to be named Batman, with a mother named Goldie. I would assume however that this little camel hints at there being a Batfan on that exotic animal ranch.

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As far as Bizarre Batman stories go, this one is actually fairly similar to one we ran awhile back about the bat-llama. That was a funny story too. But I guess if people name their pets after the Dark Knight, why not name more exotic animals like camels and llamas after the Dark Knight as well. If you liked this story check out some of the other bizarre Batman stories Caped Crusades has reported in the box on the right.

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