Black Knight, The Young Avengers And Howard The Duck Face Their Secrets In Original Sins #2


Think Uatu the Watcher only kept secrets on the most prominent heroes in the Marvel Universe? Think again!

The full scope of Uatu’s knowledge falling into the wrong hands is just starting to be shown, but Original Sins #2 will help prove that the effects are wide-ranging indeed. Not only does the issue contain part two of a Young Avengers story by Ryan North and Ramon Villalobos, it also has Black Knight learning more about his powerful but cursed Ebony Blade thanks to writer Frank Tieri and artist Raff Ienco. To top it all off, Ty Templeton writes and draws a story about Marvel’s foul-mouthed mallard, Howard the Duck. Honestly, I’m not sure I want to know what’s in his dirty laundry!

Scroll down for a small taste of all three stories, and look for Original Sins #2 at your LCS or on digital on June 25. And don’t forget, this is Original Sins, plural — a small but important difference.