‘Gotham’ Screenings Get High Marks


I’ve been on the fence about exactly h0w FOX’S upcoming Gotham series is going to shape up. It’s ambitious and a bit of a gamble due to its scope and lack of Batman, plus the fact that it’s on network TV in a time when that particular form of TV is desperately clinging to life. Plus it’s, you know, FOX.

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Television and Fox Network

The good news is, however, that after the series was shown at the TV global meat market the L.A. Screenings, it was well received.

From the Hollywood Reporter:

"Gotham, Warner Bros. TV’s Batman spinoff about young Bruce Wayne, has emerged from the L.A. Screenings with the most buzz, international buyers tell THR.  “A smart origins story, beautifully produced with a strong cast,” says Sarah Wright, head of acquisitions for BSkyB, of the series starring Ben McKenzie. Notes Jeffrey Schlesinger, president of Warner Bros. Worldwide TV Distribution, “Broadcasters look at [Gotham] as something that has built-in name recognition.”"

This is a good sign moving forward and an important one if DC wants to keep its TV presence relevant. They can gamble with Green Arrow, Constantine and The Flash, but Batman is the tent pole of DC on screen and they need this to work.

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