The Green Goliath Takes On The X-Men In Savage Hulk #1


It probably should come as no surprise that the Hulk can’t be confined to just one ongoing series. Thankfully, Marvel has tapped Alan Davis to write and draw a second one — and in the very first issue, he’s pitting the Hulk against a whole team of heroes.

The X-Men are going to be trading blows with the Jade Giant in Savage Hulk #1 thanks to a heretofore unexplored connection between Bruce Banner and the late Charles Xavier. And while they’re exchanging pleasantries in a way only super heroes in the midst of a misunderstanding can, both the Leader and the Abomination are waiting to make sure the winner doesn’t get to celebrate too long.

“We wanted big names, superstars and break-out talent to tell their unique stories within continuity,” Senior Editor Mark Paniccia said in an interview with “That might be now, or using elements of the past and perhaps even glimpses of the future. It all comes back to the current Hulk mythos while letting the talent cut loose with that Hulk story they’ve been dying to tell.”

Sounds good to us. Savage Hulk #1 releases on June 25, but you can simply scroll down to see what Davis has cooked up on the art side, along with variant covers by Alex Ross and John Cassaday.