Superman: Doomed Crossover – Revised Reading List


8/30/2014 UPDATE: Another date correction to reflect a delay in the publishing of Superman: Doomed #2.

8/12/2014 UPDATE: Dates have been corrected to reflect a delay in publishing of some titles.

We’re at the end of May and it seems that the Superman: Doomed crossover event is a lot bigger than initially planned.  Since my first article, the reading list for Doomed has grown from two months with six issues (counting the preludes) to five months with eighteen issues.  That’s right, the event doesn’t end until August!  The original introductory one-shot Superman: Doomed #1 also gets a Superman: Doomed #2 to conclude the whole story arc.  The month of May also saw DC squeezing in an extra chapter with Batman/Superman #11.  So, let’s take a deep breath and dive into this new list:

April (Preludes):

  • Action Comics #30 (April 2, 2014)
  • Superman / Wonder Woman #7 (April 9, 2014)
  • Superman #30 (April 23, 2014)



July :



  • Superman: Doomed #2 (Delayed to September 24, 2014.  Originally scheduled for August 27, 2014)

I feel like I’m back in middle school retrieving my summer reading list except this is actually fun.  So far, the issues have had their ups and downs in terms of storytelling.  However, I’m thinking that it’s due to the writers trying to find their mojo with a newly revised Doomsday and his new abilities.  What I’ve enjoyed the most were the conspiracy revelations dealing with The Tower.  If they keep going on that path, they should have no problems gaining more readership through August.

An interesting sidenote is that Superman #31 marks the end of Scott Lobdell’s contributions to the title.  Geoff Johns will be taking over starting in June 2014.  Happy reading folks!