a robbery scene for Batman V Superman was shot at a liquor store a co..."/> a robbery scene for Batman V Superman was shot at a liquor store a co..."/>

Possible Batman V Superman Scene Revealed?


According to a robbery scene for Batman V Superman was shot at a liquor store a couple of weeks ago in the city of Keego Harbor, MI.

"City Manager Linda Voll said she was told that the film crew scouted over 100 locations for the scene and selected Lakepoint Market, located at Orchard Lake Road and Pridham Street.“Who knows if (Lakepoint Market) will be in the movie or not, but it is supposed to be in the Batman vs. Superman movie,” Voll said.Lee Anne Muldoon, publicist with Crown City Pictures, declined to comment on how they selected Lakepoint Market and said that while crews are in Michigan, filming locations will not be announced until after they finish filming.For confidentiality purposes, only a select number of people knew about the Batman vs. Superman filming in Keego Harbor, including the West Bloomfield Fire Department, and Voll said information was on a need-to-know basis“We had a couple extra (police) officers over that way to keep traffic moving and for crowd control,” Voll said. “I didn’t even tell the police until I needed them.”The crew set up Wednesday, May 14, and Voll had police officers stationed during the filming from about 6-10 a.m. Thursday, May 15.“Our guys left, and as far as I know, they were basically done at that time,” Voll said.Concerned residents called City Hall for information, and that is when Voll and select officials began telling individuals that Lakepoint Market had been selected for a small scene in the movie.“Keego Harbor is a small city. Not much that happens here goes unnoticed by our residents, so when a bunch of big trucks show up at a store along Orchard Lake Road, with a security detail, and the store closes for a few days, it’s normal for neighbors to start asking questions,” said City Council member Rob Kalman in an email."

With this news and the Ben Affleck thing, I can’t help but think of Clerks. That may ruin this for me before it ever happens.