Ann Nocenti talks Catwoman with DC All Access


Greetings Caped Crusades readers! Here’s the latest bonus clip from DC All Access, an interview with Ann Nocenti on Catwoman and her future in Gotham!

"They say curiosity killed the cat, so let’s see if we can satisfy some of yours with this exclusive DC All Access bonus clip. Blair talks to Catwoman writer Ann Nocenti about the Race of Thieves, and what this means for Selina’s place in Gotham."

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So, some awesome things going down in the future for our favorite cat burglar. Every time I see an interview like this I think, “okay I need to get out to a comic book store” so I can catch up on everything that’s going down in the comics but inevitably the trip to the comic book store gets put off again and again. I swear at some point I’m just going to take a weekend and haunt a comic shop until I’m all caught up. Remember to keep up with Caped Crusades, we’ll bring you more from DC All Access every week along with all your other Batman news.

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