Bill Finger Finally Gets Credit


Caped Crusades has been an advocate for Bill Finger and his family since our inception. If you aren’t familiar with him, Finger is the co-creator of Batman along side Bob Kane. He’s known for dreaming up the concept of Bruce Wayne, Jim Gordon, and even naming his city Gotham. The sad part is that Kane received the credit based on DC’s system of compensation, Finger died poor. Now, after years of lobbying, things may finally be changing.

DC has announced the release of a special edition of Detective Comics #27, Batman’s first appearance, with a first.

On July 23rd (Batman Day) Finger’s name will appear on the cover of a Batman story he wrote. It only took 75 years. Along with it the comic will include a retelling of the story by Identity Crisis’s Brad Meltzer. They also released this cool info graphic showing big moments in Bat-history.

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