Jared Leto As Doctor Strange?


For the past two days, the in-the-works Doctor Strange movie has had some exciting news coming out of the rumor mill.  The latest of these developments — Jared Leto could be chosen to play Doctor Strange himself.  That’s right, Marvel has expressed interest in getting the Oscar-winning actor to don the Cloak of Levitation.  If chosen, Leto will be performing a one-eighty relative to his past indy-film roles.

Jared Leto recently won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in the critically acclaimed Dallas Buyers Club.  He starred alongside Matthew McConaughey as a trans woman dying from AIDS.  Playing unique, standout characters is not foreign to Leto and his past resumé can certainly attest to that.  Introduced to TV and movie audiences in the early nineties, Leto has seen increasing critical praise for his acting ability.  Choosing Leto to play Doctor Strange would definitely continue Marvel Studios’ pattern in casting high-quality actors who can bring flawed superheroes to life.  Leto hasn’t commented on any rumors and he hasn’t voiced his interest or disinterest for the role.

It was only yesterday that Scott Derrickson was reported to be in the final stages of negotiation to be the director.  What do you guys think?  Would Jared Leto make a great Sorcerer Supreme?  What about the on-going petitions to have Patrick Dempsey or Aidan Gillan fill the role?