More Batman Day Details: Detective Comics #27, Poster, Masks And More


In case you aren’t celebrating Batman’s 75th anniversary all year long, you should at least set aside July 23 to celebrate the Dark Knight. That’s the date that DC has set aside as Batman Day, and the company recently shared more of what it’s got planned for that date.

One thing that jumps out at you as soon as you see it is the special Batman timeline poster shown below. It highlights all kinds of significant happenings from different years in the Caped Crusader’s history, including the debuts of famous allies and villains, his notable appearances in TV and film, and some of the many, many bad things that have happened to Gotham City. It’s not for sale, but some comic stores might have one up for display, so if you’re in good with the owner of your LCS … who knows?

Participating retailers will also have plenty of Batman-related goodies on July 23. For starters, there’s a free special edition of the Detective Comics #27 (that’d be the first appearance of Batman) that includes not only the original story by Bob Kane and Bill Finger but also new content from Brad Meltzer, Bryan Hitch, Scott Snyder, Sean Murphy and Chip Kidd. If masks are more your thing, artist Ryan Sook has designed four of them designed to correspond to different eras of the Batman timeline. And there’s an anniversary cape (not for frightening criminals in your own town, alas), bookmarks and more.

Those should be plenty of reasons to seek out a store near you that is representing for Batman Day. But if you somehow need more motivation, visiting our sister site Caped Crusades for all of its frequently updated Batman content should do the trick.

(via Comic Book Resources)