LexCorp Building from ‘Batman v Superman’ Spotted

An outsourced contributor over at Batman-News has posted a first sneak peek at the LexCorp building from Batman v Superman and has an update on that Superman statue that leaked online last week!

Chad posted the photo above on his blog and reports that after a couple weeks of construction a giant blue “X” has been added to the building with “LexCorp” written underneath.

Traditionally, LexCorp has been represented by a large ‘L’, so it’s interesting that this film is using an ‘X’ for iconography.

On that statue…

It is standing on some steps that have been constructed. They look like the types of steps in front of a government building. They are concrete-ish in color. There isn’t a background, so I assume this will be green-screened and dropped into some other shot.

Perhaps the statue was erected in honor of Superman after the events of Man of Steel. Too bad he didn’t save more people.