Bam Smack Pow Is On The Ground At E3!


I know, I know. E3 isn’t a comic book convention, so what gives?

It’s called synergy. Yours truly is in Los Angeles for the video game industry’s biggest showcase covering things for our sister site, Gamesided, as well as one of my other gigs. And while this isn’t a super hero-centric event by any means, that doesn’t mean there won’t be some opportunities to get hands-on time or first impressions of some games with comic book characters in them over the next few days.

On Tuesday, I’ll be checking out Batman: Arkham Knight at the Warner Bros. Interactive booth. There’s also the new release of Disney Infinity to check out, supercharged with a healthy dose of Marvel super heroes. And there’s a new Lego Batman game in the works, plus undoubtedly some other super hero surprises in other parts of the show.

Whatever is here and has to do with comics or super heroes, I’ll end up posting about sometime during the week. The E3 fun kicks off today with press conferences from Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft and Sony, so make sure you hit up Gamesided or follow its Twitter feed for the latest, and check back here for all things comic-related as I see them, Enjoy!


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