Brian Michael Bendis Talks Powers Series During Sony E3 Press Conference


Sony’s pre-E3 press conference took a comic book-inspired detour on Monday night when Brian Michael Bendis came out to talk about the upcoming Powers TV show. Nattily dressed in a suit (and out-dressing most of the other people on stage at the event, to be honest), Bendis gave the press and industry employees in attendance and the audience watching live around the world a rundown of what Powers is about and who else is working on the show. He and artist Michael Avon Oeming are serving as executive producers, sometime comic book writer Charlie Huston penned the pilot and Falling Skies writer Remi Aubuchon is also helping to run the show.

What we didn’t get to see was any actual footage. Though it felt like Bendis might be building up to a trailer, all he ended up revealing was some concept art. In fact, more than one person online suggested that it wasn’t even readily apparent if Powers is going to be an animated or live-action series — and it’s the latter, in case you’re wondering. The first episode will be free for everyone, while PlayStation Plus members will get to see all of the episodes for free.

Watch for Powers to debut in December, and look for Bendis to be dressed more casually next time you see him in front of the public like that.


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