DC Comics Q-Pop Figures Unveiled


Greetings fellow Batman fans! It’s time for another Batman merchandise post, and today we bring you the brand new DC Comics Q-Pop Figures from Quantum Mechanix Inc! There are three Q-Pop figures to show you today, Batman, Superman, and Catwoman.

If you haven’t heard of Q-Pop figures, here’s a little background on these unique figures, from the Q-Mx Media Relations Manager, Jennifer Armstrong:

"What are Q-Pops?Q-Pops are our line of high-quality PVC figures that put a whimsical spin on pop culture’s favorite characters. The Q-Pop® style is reminiscent of Japanese chibi characters, but injected with a distinctly American flair.Each figure is approx. 3.5” tall (without base) and includes a themed base and a removable word balloon with whiteboard surface that allows fans to write in quotes or sound effects with the included dry-erase marker. They’ll retail for $19.95 each."

The figures have only just been unveiled and the release dates have not yet been announced, but fans can sign up on qmxonline.com to be notified when the figures become available. Q-Pop figures are absolutely adorable, I’ve always been a huge fan of Japanese chibi style and now I can have a chibi Batman of my very own! I’m signing up to be notified when all three figures become available!

I like that each figure comes with a removable speech bubble and a dry erase marker so fans can write their favorite quotes in the bubble. How cute are those cats included in Catwoman’s figure? She looks quite pleased with herself doesn’t she? Caped Crusades will keep you posted on the availability of the DC Comics Q-Pop figures, and all your Batman news needs!

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