New York Comic Con Becomes Even More Like Comic-Con International With New York Super Week


If New York Comic Con wants to be the East Coast equivalent of San Diego’s Comic-Con International, it might be on its way. As reported in the New York Post, show organizer ReedPop has announced New York Super Week, a city-wide expansion running from October 3 through October 12 that will go beyond the Javits Center — and by the sound of it, pretty far beyond what you’d typically find at a comic convention.

The New York Times provided more details, stating that Super Week will include  “gaming events, lectures, concerts, comedy shows and more.” From the event’s own website, the goal is to celebrate the full spectrum of pop culture all across NYC.

That’s all well and good, and it’s pretty clear that New York Comic Con has outgrown its original mandate pretty darn quickly. As well, clicking to call up the events for Super Week so far reveals a bunch that are clearly within the realm of usual con happenings: trivia contests, podcasts and eSports competitions, just to name a few. There’s no need to panic, especially since the Times points out that people who want strictly comics can head to Special Edition: NYC this week.

But it is interesting how the larger entity of pop culture tends to swallow up comics when it comes to conventions. It happened a while ago at Comic-Con International, where the word “comic” probably wouldn’t even be in the name if it wasn’t tradition. The same thing could apply to New York Comic Con too, and apparently sooner rather than later.