Spidey Faces A Deadly Kingpin/Venom Combo In 100th Anniversary Special – Spider-Man #1


Sometimes the future isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. For instance, let’s say you’re Spider-Man in the year 2061, but the Kingpin has merged with the symbiote suit that turns people into Venom. Oh, and just to make things interesting, let’s go ahead and say the symbiote has been enhanced with technology that allows it to tap into and control other technological things, because you can do that kind of thing in the future.

Yeah, not something to look forward to, is it? Yet that’s exactly what awaits Spidey in the 100th Anniversary Special – Spider-Man #1. Writer Sean Ryan and artist In-Hyuk Lee have flexed their creative muscles to come up with a perilous predicament for this one-shot, something that will push the web-slinger to his limits.

“We’re jumping into a story already in progress for this issue,” Ryan said in an interview with Marvel.com. “We’re treating this issue as if it was the last issue in a long arc that has been running in the Spider-Man books for a while. This issue sees the story coming to an end. The idea of the story being that the symbiote is back, but it’s been infused with technology that gives its host the power to plug in to the grid and control anything connected to it. And this being the future, that’s just about everything.”

You can see in the pages below just how fast things get bad once Kingpin has that power at his command. To read the rest of the 100th Anniversary Special – Spider-Man #1, you’re going to have to hit your LCS or digital on July 9.