Heath Ledger’s Joker: on Batman Fanart


Welcome Batman fans, to another Batman fanart article! Today’s fanart is a stunning portrait of Heath Ledger’s Joker by Aaron Wong, the very first artist ever to be featured here on Caped Crusades!

First I want to apologize to Aaron for taking so long in posting this incredible piece of art. He gave me permission to use this so long ago he probably doesn’t even remember anymore. I absolutely loved the first piece of his I wrote about but he was right when he said this is probably his best work! Look at the details on the Joker! The clothes, the make up, even the hair is incredibly detailed and looks absolutely amazing!

You can see more of Aaron’s art on deviantart, and on his other two websites, here and here. And here is the original article I wrote about Aaron’s art on Caped Crusades! We are your number one source for all the best Batman content on the internet so subscribe below to the Fansided.com newletter so you can stay up to date with Caped Crusades!

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