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New Batman Tattoo is Totally Awesome


Greetings Caped Crusaders, I bring you an awesome new Batman tattoo! Today’s tattoo was done by member Maulsballs at Cape Fear Tattoo in Wilmington, NC. This tattoo was done last summer and was done on a client’s leg.

I actually considered almost this exact image for my own Batman tattoo. What a cool tattoo, huh? I think Maulsballs did a great job, and I’m betting his client was thrilled with this tat. The way this particular Nolan Batsymbol with it’s bleeding effect, could easily have been screwed up by a tattoo artist without enough talent and experience. I would have been very nervous about how well this image would have turned out if I had gotten it as my first tattoo.

I may be getting a new Batman tattoo sometime this year, and you can be sure when or if I do I will share it here on Caped Crusades!

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