With the death of Otto Octavius (aka the Superior Spider-Man) and the return of Peter Par..."/> With the death of Otto Octavius (aka the Superior Spider-Man) and the return of Peter Par..."/>

New Direction for Amazing Spider-Man


With the death of Otto Octavius (aka the Superior Spider-Man) and the return of Peter Parker (aka the Amazing …the drama inevitably continues!

The story line developers of the brand new Amazing Spider-Man story have completely changed the game, adding new challenges and new characters into the mix to spice things up. One character that has Spidey fans buzzing is the mysterious Silk, who just happened to be bitten by the same radioactive spider as Peter Parker (that spider must have been really ticked off to bite two people). According to the New York Daily News, writer Dan Slott is keeping his lips sealed about any and all other details having to deal with the introduction of the new character (what’s new?). It’s hard not to at least leak at least a small bit of information to dangle in front of the readers as teaser bait, but Slott is Watcher-like in the way he handles his secrets. The upcoming Spiderverse series is also something to look forward to as Spidey comes into contact with all Spider-Men ever created over the last half century. This Spiderverse event may also finally answer the question from the Spider-Men saga of who Miles Morales (aka the Ultimate Spider-Man) is in this universe, as that question was left extremely open ended at the conclusion of the story.

More immediate issues for the wall-crawler are at hand, however, such as dealing with an extremely pissed off Faleecia Hardy (aka Black Cat), whom Otto defeated and jailed back when he was in control of Peter’s body. And speaking of Otto, how will the relationship between the revived Peter Parker and Anna Maria Marconi carry on? At the moment, it appears to be bearable as she has decided to still work with Peter at Parker Industries, but there are sure to be some complex emotions that will spill out of Marconi moving forward, seeing as how Otto (as Peter) almost married her. And now Peter plans to halt all cybernetics research at Parker Industries and begin working on a way to better contain super powered criminals? There’s only a million and three ways that could possibly go wrong, but who knows? Maybe this newly revived Peter Parker has a much more solid plan developing mentality that he did pre-Otto mind-swap. And just another sidebar: speaking of criminals, the Sinister Six are going to strike back with a vengeance eventually after Otto experimented on them and had them under mind control; just be sure to look out for that in the future.

With all of these new as well as lingering stories at hand, I still feel like Slott will have things well under control; I mean just look at how he and his team handled the entire Superior Spider-Man story arc. It was pure genius. People actually ended up liking Otto at the conclusion of the story when they most likely initially hated him! If Slott can turn an annoying and extremely arrogant villain into a beloved hero, I’m pretty confident in his ability to handle juggling the emerging drama in Peter Parker’s world.