E3 2014: Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes Updates From The Show Floor


I’m sad to say that I didn’t get an appointment with Disney Interactive this year at E3, which was unfortunate timing since the company was emphasizing a game very relevant to what we do here at Bam Smack Pow: Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes. Fortunately, I roomed with Max Parker, who covers video games online and in print for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and he did have some booth time.

Here’s what the Game Guy had to say after he took in the presentation:

  • Disney Interactive reemphasized that the Hulk figure is not a Sony exclusive, but rather a timed exclusive that will only be available on Sony consoles at launch before appearing on other systems a little bit later.
  • Three Marvel Play Sets will be available at launch: Avengers, Spider-Man and a third that has yet to be revealed.
  • The Spider-Man part of the line seems to have been heavily influenced by the current Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, as it includes Nova (who comes in the Spider-Man Play Set) and Iron Fist, both heroes who help Spidey on that show.
  • All heroes have extensive skill trees, with Max estimating that they might have 40-plus ways to level up different abilities.
  • Samuel L. Jackson provided the in-game voice for Nick Fury and got scanned so his likeness was used. Fury is a figure in the line as well. Disney hinted that some other actors may lend their voice talents to the game but would not confirm which ones.
  • Power Discs can be used to give figures different in-game costumes, which was demonstrated by having Spider-Man suit up in black. Max thought a bunch of different Iron Man armors were probably in the works because of this feature.

Members of the press with booth appointments each got one Disney Infinity 2.0 figure to take home. Max got Hawkeye but said he knew at least one other journalist who received Fury. Last but certainly not least, it was strongly suggested that it’s a matter of when and not if Star Wars characters will be incorporated into Disney Infinity 2.0. Marvel heroes plus original Disney classics plus Jedi? Sign us up for that!


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