Batman Fanfic of the Week: Family Functions


Welcome, Caped Crusaders, to another Batman Fanfic of the Week!  Today, I’d like to share with you a fanfic from one of my favorite fic authors, Hawkstout, called Family Functions.  This story is set in an alternate universe where Bruce Wayne is a robotics manufacturer and Dick Grayson is his greatest creation.  Although Dick is not his son here, all of the other Batkids are still around as Bruce’s children.  Here is the summary:

"Dick has one function. To protect Bruce Wayne’s children, but the Red Hood has been breaking into Wayne Tech facilities, and putting a target on the Wayne family’s backs."

I’m a sucker for AU fanfics (which means you’ll probably see a lot of them coming up), and one of my favorite things is seeing how characters remain themselves even when in some sort of alternate setting.  Family Functions is a mystery, a story about family, and a look at what truly makes one human.  With six chapters so far, Hawkstout has set up a fascinating futuristic world that fits perfectly into the already technologically advanced Batfamily.  You can read Family Functions here.

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