What Is In The Will of Professor X? Find Out In Uncanny X-Men #23


Some things in Professor X’s last will and testament are probably pretty obvious. His cigar collection is going to Wolverine. His hovering wheelchairs are being left to Magneto as a semi-gag reminder that he’s getting old. And his love for Jean Grey might be officially down in writing, which would be even more awkward now that a younger version of her has arrived from the past.

Everything else is going to be revealed in the pages of Uncanny X-Men #23, by the team of writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Kris Anka. Thrill to the excitement of a lawyer reading from a document! Also, be on the lookout for secrets — it is an Original Sin tie-in, after all — that could either bring the two feuding factions of X-Men back together or drive the wedge between them so deep that it’ll stay there for good.

Keep scrolling down for two of Anka’s pages from this dramatic turn of events, and look for Uncanny X-Men #23 at your LCS or on digital on July 16.