Death Of Wolverine #1 Mortal Variant Shows Logan Being … Well, Mortal


I’m pretty sure that when Wolverine finally shuffles off this mortal coil this fall, he’s not going to end up slumped against his own tombstone. At least I think Charles Soule and Steve McNiven have something a little more intricate than that. For sure, the story involves Wolverine’s greatest foes smelling blood when they realize that his vaunted healing factor is no longer part of the equation.

Regardless, the “Mortal” variant cover to Death of Wolverine #1 that Marvel debuted today is still a powerful image, what with Ed McGuinness depicting Logan seemingly going out slashing against Death. Or maybe he just didn’t like the fact that no one bothered to put anything other than his name on the tombstone, or got irritated that there even is a stone when he wasn’t dead yet (cue Monty Python!).

Retailers are supposed to check their Marvel Mailers for information on how to get the Mortal variant through the company’s Exchangeability program, which is a little inside baseball for me. My advice to you, the reader, is to ask your LCS how to get your hands on this particular cover when Death of Wolverine #1 goes on sale on September 3.


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