Find Out Who Shot The Watcher In Original Sin #6


Original Sin has already taken readers through some twists and turns in the journey to find out who shot Uatu the Watcher. After the crazy last page of issue #3, it looked like the Winter Soldier might be the guilty party, but it now appears neither Bucky nor the Orb actually pulled the trigger.

Though the series is going to be eight issues long, we won’t have to wait until the end to learn the answer to its biggest mystery. Marvel says that next month’s Original Sin #6 will make it clear who killed Uatu, but that simply finding out the truth won’t be the end of the trouble for the heroes of the Marvel Universe.

“It’s time for the shooter to come clean and to stand revealed — though this revelation will only lead to greater conflict for Marvel’s heroes,” Marvel SVP Executive Editor Tom Brevoort said in a press release. “It’s difficult to imagine a more dangerous opponent than the person who stands before them now.”

All of Uatu’s secrets in the wrong hands really is a scary thought. Get a closer look at how artist Mike Deodato is getting that point across in the preview pages below, and look for him and writer Jason Aaron to continue the surprises when Original Sin #6 hits comic shops and digital on July 16.