Five Daredevil Villains We’d Like To See On TV

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5. The Hand

What is it about ninja clans that lends themselves to being named after parts of the body? The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have the Foot, and thanks to legendary creator Frank Miller, Daredevil has the Hand.

If the TV series decides to mine Miller’s additions to Matt Murdock’s training and early years, the Hand would be almost impossible to omit. The clan also played an important role in the development of Elektra, and most fans expect to see her on TV in some form.

The Hand even has history with HYDRA in case Marvel wants to tie the Netflix shows in with the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, and after all the effort the company has put into making its film and TV properties exist within the same continuity, it would be a surprise if this wasn’t the case. Members of the Hand actually helped create HYDRA in the comics, which would be an interesting concept to play with in the series.

Really though, we’re talking about ninjas here. You don’t need that much justification to throw them into the show and have Daredevil show off his martial arts skills battling them.