New Marvel Teaser Asks Who Will Rise In The Aftermath Of Infinity


It may have already faded from your mind since we’ve moved on to the next event, but Infnity was a pretty big deal in the Marvel Universe. Not only did the Avengers have to hold a cosmic coalition together to fight off the Builders, but they had to get it done fast enough to repel an attack by Thanos on Earth.

And while the series ended last fall, apparently there could still be repercussions that haven’t been felt quite yet. At least that’s what I took from this GIF that Marvel released today, accompanied by only the cryptic question, ” In the aftermath of Infinity, who will rise?”

That’s obviously Thanos, trapped in the amber-like substance he ended up in at the series’ end. And it looks like the Illuminati/New Avengers who are all gathered to stare at him. Maybe the group is considering freeing Thanos, which amazingly wouldn’t even be the most dangerous idea it’s ever come up with.

Whatever the case, we’ll find out what it means this Friday.