Denver Comic Con: Power Rangers, Zombies And 75 Years Of Batman


“Quick, Robin! To the Batmobile!”

If you were a child at any point between 1966 and now, I’m betting you know those words. If you were at Denver Comic Con this past weekend, you heard them in person.

You also saw some incredible costumes, met some terrific artists, and bought some rad comics. Or at least, I did.


At DCC, I got to meet some people that most of us only see (or hear) on TV: Adam West. Kevin Conroy. Jason David Frank and Michael Rooker, to name a few.

It was incredible.

I even got to attend a few celebrity panels and hear those people talk about their work on Batman, Power Rangers, The Walking Dead, and other famous franchises.

However, DCC wasn’t all about the big names: many of the panels were about addressing minorities in geek culture, such as women in comics or LGBT teens.

Batman 75

If you didn’t know, Batman turns 75 this year, and Denver decided to throw him a big party. In attendance were a number of recognizable Bat-names. Adam West, Burt Ward, Julie Newmar and Kevin Conroy represented Batman’s TV and movie career, and they were joined by several famous comic book creators, including Tim Sale and Patrick Gleason, along with many others.

In addition to the celebrities and celebrity creators, DCC had a couple of cool cars to show off:

That’s right! They managed to get both the ’66 Adam West Batmobile and the ’89 Burton Batmobile in the same place at the same time. How often does that happen?

In other news, keep an eye out during SDCC, as rumor has it they’ll reveal Ben Affleck’s Batmobile too.

In Retrospect

DCC ’14 was amazing. In just three years, it’s become a magnet for geeks of all ages and origins, even drawing people from out of state. This year was just as good as the previous two, and I’m expecting next year to be even better.

(Although I’m not sure how they’re gonna top two Batmobiles. I mean, c’mon.)

If you missed out this year, I would definitely recommend picking up a ticket when DCC ’15 rolls around. It’s definitely worth the price of admission. Who knows? Maybe next time, they’ll get three Batmobiles.