New Photos: Will Our Man Of Steel Die In Dawn Of Justice?


If  you have been up on the news of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice lately you have seen the photo of the odd Superman statue looking broken apart (as seen below):

Now just recently more photos surfaced on the internet including the statue being put up implying that they put it up in the Man of Steel’s honor for saving Metropolis. However, new photos that were leaked suggest a possible darker possibility for how Superman’s fate might turn out by the end of Dawn Of Justice. Check out the photos leaked below:

Photos: Via moviepilot

The photos show clear as day that there is definitely some sort of mourning going on amongst the officers in the photos. If Superman does indeed fall in this movie, I think it would be the perfect cliffhanger Zack Snyder wanted for the film to lead the audience into the Justice League movie. I also believe this would indeed be good for a return to the planet in a Man of Steel sequel when he returns to Metropolis after his death. Further assumptions and theories can be made once San Diego Comic-Con comes around. For now, I believe since the flowers, hugging and gathering are taking place around the fallen statue of Superman, it really implies that our Man of Steel won’t make it … but then again sometimes pictures can be misleading.