Original Sins #4 Offers Up The Truth About Doctor Doom


So far, the impact of the Orb’s truth bomb (patent pending) in Original Sin has been felt mainly by the heroes of the Marvel Universe. But does that mean that villains are immune to having their dirty laundry aired out in ways they’re not going to like?

If Original Sins #4 is any indication, the answer is “apparently not.” The high profile creative team of writer James Robinson and artist Alex Maleev have come up with a story about the secrets the Watcher knew about Doctor Doom, ones that could prove disastrous if they were to get out. As Marvel’s press release put it, “What lengths will he go to protect his legacy?”

Since this is an anthology series, there’s more in store. Ryan North and Ramon Villalobos offer up part four of their five-part Young Avengers tale, with one of the teen heroes falling in battle against The Hood. There’s also a special story with unknown details about the day the Avengers found the frozen body of Captain America by the writing duo of Pablo Dura and David Abadia and artist Erica Henderson.

Sneak a peek at all three stories below, then head to your LCS or your digital outlet of choice to pick up Original Sins #4 when it drops on July 23.