Batman ’66 in Batman Trivia of the Day!


Welcome back to another Batman Trivia of the Day! Last time I asked when the first trailer for the 1989 Batman film was released, what Batman movie used a cut scene from Tim Burton’s Batman, and which Batman ’66 actor was the inspiration for the low level criminal who becomes the Joker.

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When word got out that Michael Keaton was cast as Batman for the 1989 Batman film, fans were so outraged that a teaser trailer was immediately put together and released to theaters in 1988. The trailer then became so popular that people were buying full price tickets just to see it.

In Batman, Vicki Vale looks at a newspaper photo of an unknown cop holding an comforting a young Bruce Wayne. This image refers to a scene that was cut from the movie of young Commissioner Gordon, before he was Commissioner, comforting Bruce right after his parents murder. This scene was later used by Nolan and Gary Oldman in Batman Begins. In Tim Burton’s Batman, the Joker was originally a thug known as Jack Napier, as a nod to Alan Napier who played Alfred Pennyworth in the 1966 Batman television show.

In memory of the late Eli Wallach, the Batman ’66 actor who recently passed away, today’s Batman Trivia will be about Batman ’66. Eli Wallach was one of three actors to play Mr. Freeze in Batman ’66, name the other two actors. How many episodes of Batman ’66 was Eli Wallach in?

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