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Bizzare Batman Story: Attempted Robbery


Here’s a bizzare Batman story for you. According to the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office in Michigan, a man attempted to rob an elderly woman while wearing a Batman mask.

"An Elderly woman exits her home to her backyard to feed the birds when the suspect wearing a “Batman” mask slowly walks up to her and puts his arm around her shoulders and gently guides her towards the back door. He asked her if her husband was still sleeping and when she tells him that he was in the bedroom with a loaded shotgun. The suspect quickly runs towards the locked gate and jumps over the fence. As he runs away he tells the woman that he was sorry and just needed money to buy his kids some food. She swiftly walked back into the house and told her husband what had happened and then they called 911."

I’m personally disappointed in anyone who would use the crimefighter’s visage to steal. I mean, isn’t Bruce Wayne a billionaire anyway? Here’s a description of the suspect:

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"Suspect Description: Black Male (app 5’07-6’00”) Thin Build LSW Gray Hoodie Gray Sweat Pants “Batman” style hard plastic mask"

Wow. Sweatpants too. Classy.

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