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It’s been quite a long time since we’ve had a Batman Character of the Week article so I’m bringing it back, starting with Jervis Tetch aka the Mad Hatter! The Mad Hatter was created in October of 1948 by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, and first appeared in Batman #49. He was voiced by Roddy McDowall in Batman The Animated Series, and Peter MacNicol in Batman: Arkham City.

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Jervis Tetch was obsessed from childhood with Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland because he had no friends due to his strange appearance.He is a research scientist (in Batman TAS he is a scientist working for Wayne Enterprises) who suffers from the delusion that he is Lewis Carroll’s character the Mad Hatter. He uses his talents as a research scientist to create and prefect his own brand of mind control technology in order to commit crimes and force people to become his playmates in his warped version of Wonderland.

Here’s a bit more on Jervis Tetch from dc.wikia:

"Arkham AsylumDespite Jervis’s kind facade he was one of the asylums most dangerous inmates, he would be pleasent at one moment and then homicidal at an other. Jervis in attemps to make friends would be kind to the other inmates like sneaking a pet plant to Poison Ivy. Like the other rogues, Tetch managed to escape Arkham on numerous occasions.Along with Wonderland and controlling people’s minds, Tetch was obsessed with headgear and wanted above all else attain for his extensive collection of hats Batman’s cowl by any means necessary."

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