Daniel Radcliffe would swap Harry Potter for Spider-Man


Daniel Radcliffe was made famous for his starring role in the cinematic versions of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books alongside Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. However it seems that if Radcliffe were given the choice he’d swap invisibility cloaks for web-slingers, magic wands for super strength and owl post for Spidey sense. What I’m really getting at is that the’d trade in Harry Potter for Spider-Man. To be honest I think we all would!

Okay, so that’s not necessarily what he said when he spoke to London Live at the premiere of his latest film, romantic comedy ‘What If’, but I do feel that if he had to choose he would choose Spider-Man. So what did the young wizard actually say? Well he was asked if he wouldn’t mind beefing up for a superhero film to which he ecstatically replied “absolutely”.

He went on to say “Who wouldn’t want to do a superhero film?” he said. “I went to Comic Con the other day dressed as Spider-Man purely out of childish wish fulfilment as wanting to be Spider-Man my entire life.” Before removing any and all doubt “Absolutely I’d do a superhero film, it’d be great fun.”

Those of you who don’t know, Daniel Radcliffe attended his first Comic-Con this year to promote his upcoming horror film Horns. But he did it incognito dressed as Spider-Man, and even took pictures with unsuspecting people who would have had no idea they were really taking pictures with one of the biggest actors around at the moment. If you want to see a video of him doing it, then just click on this link.

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