Lois Lane Is Getting Her Own Young Adult Novel


Since the New 52 relaunch of DC comics, Lois Lane has pretty much been given the shaft. On the main Earth, Wonder Woman is shacking up with her Superman, and on Earth 2, she’s stuck inside a robot body (albeit one with the power of Red Tornado) and Clark Kent is dead.

Still, Lois has never been one to hang her head, and she’s going to get something no other DC character has: a Young Adult novel called Lois Lane: Fallout from author Gwenda Bond, due out in May 2015.  The book will reimagine Lane as a teenager new to Metropolis, trying to adjust to a new high school and solve a mystery involving a group called the Warheads and the video game they all play that has put another girl in danger. She also has an online buddy with the screenname SmallvilleGuy who might be … yeah, I don’t need to tell you who he might be.

With DC already making some bold moves to attract readers outside the traditional comic reader demographic with series like Gotham Academy, a series of YA novels fits right in. As Crave Online points out, if the books are successful, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them optioned for TV or movies, where I’ll likely be just as clueless as to what they’re about as I was with the Hunger Games movies.

You know, unless Superman shows up and starts throwing down with Brainiac. That I know.