Spider-Man comics mock DC’s Batman and Superman

Ever since Marvel’s Generalissimo Stan Lee mentioned that he’d like to make a cameo in DC and Warner Brothers’ upcoming Superhero smash Batman vs Superman (or is it Superman Vs Batman, I can never remember) there have been little niggles of a positive working relationship between the two comic book giants.

It’s safe to say that at this current moment Marvel and DC are not the best of friends, which is a shame because it means that modern comic book readers are deprived of the days where Spider-Man, the Avengers, Batman and Superman used to make regular cross-overs and team-ups. Naturally this is an even bigger shame in the era of the comic-book film as it means that we’re never going to see Batman and Spider-Man sharing the silver-screen.

Which means we’re never going to see Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man films making brilliant, yet subtle references to popular DC mainstays like Batman or Superman. Clever and subtle references like the following two allusions to Batman and Superman that made it onto actual Spider-Man comic book pages, and made it into my consciousness thanks to Reddit!

As you can see this one is a fairly obvious allusion to Bruce Wayne’s underground headquarters that he found underneath his family home. I also think that if Spider-Man had Wayne’s money he would definitely be in an underground headquarters with the finest crime equipment known to man. This is made even funnier when you consider that in reality Spider-Man is a young teenager operating out of a bedroom in his Aunt’s house.

This one is a bit more tongue in cheek and slightly more critical. Anyone who is a comic book fan knows that some of the disguises that super heroes use to cover up their real identities are ridiculous and would never work in a real life situation. The biggest example of this is Superman, who manages to pass as Clark Kent by just putting on some glasses. As you can see Spider-Man is quite clearly more intelligent than the citizens of Metropolis.

On second thoughts it’s probably comic book pages like this that have ruined the relationship between DC and Marvel.

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