How I’ll Bring Fans of Spider-Man A Fan Film


After many attempts at developing a superhero film, I’ve decided that enough is enough. I need to finish something. As a writer, possible director, and overall filmmaker, I want to tell of my current realizations, rules I’ve decided to follow, and master plan that I intend to follow through with in the coming months as well as years.

1. All of the characters have been taken

In the superhero universe in general, practically every superpower has been taken. Thus, it’s extremely challenging to come up with original ideas. Therefore, as a filmmaker, my only outlet for creating films like these is to create a fan film for Marvel (rather than DC, since my heart belongs to Marvel). The fan film should, most of all, revolve around Peter Parker and the characters that surround him in his comics.

2. I’ll start off with one film and see where it goes

When I dream, I dream big. That’s why it’s been such a problem to finish just one film. I usually think in threes, or in immense universes like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That can’t be achieved unless put one film out there for all of the Spider-Fans to see. It also depends on whether or not it is enjoyed. I wouldn’t want to be wasting my time putting so much into non-profit films.

3. The concept of the film has to be brand new

There are plenty of films that fall into the superhero genre that are going to be released in the next 6 years. It’s going to get really repetitive, and so I want to bring something new to the table, while still staying in the Marvel universe. There’s one idea floating through my head at the moment that I am currently planning that I hope you’ll all enjoy.

4. The script will be finished by mid-2015

I plan on making this film at least 90 minutes and at most 120 minutes, if it ends up being a feature length film, which I’m pretty hopeful for. A short film would probably be a better approach for an amateur filmmaker like myself, and so it could be fewer than 90 minutes. The story, in particular, is key in determining the length of the film, but I’ll get to that later. Nonetheless, I’ll begin writing in winter of this year.

5. The film will be released on YouTube before 2018

Lastly, the film needs to be made and released prior to graduating college. I have many resources at hand in order to film at the moment and for the next four years. Additionally, I finally have some original ideas for films that I hope to make after I graduate, so a non-profit project is something I should complete as early as possible.

I hope you’ll all enjoy what I hope to bring to you. I’ll fill you in on it soon enough!

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